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Sandra Sprecher

Artistic Director of The Firehouse Space, a popular venue in Williamsburg which just finished it's sixth season and featured cutting edge creative jazz, experimental and contemporary music as well as video/electro-acoustic multimedia.

Composer, sound designer, pianist and videographer. She has written an extensive variety of instrumental and vocal music and as pianist, has performed and recorded many works throughout Europe and the USA, She has had projects funded by the Fromm Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, Meet the Composers, NYFA, and NYSCA. In addition, she has also worked on numerous projects as pianist, music director, composer, and sound designer for The Medicine Show Theater and has composed music for a variety of dancers and videographers. She received her DMA in Composition from Columbia University, MM in Composition from Indiana University School of Music and an Artist’s Diploma in piano performance from Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, France. 


Some new projects include Dark Energy and First Light which are experiments in live processing/improvisation and graphic notation that will be developed for String Quartet, 2 Pianos and Percussion. Recent music includes Monteverde Memories, Back Flashes and Water which are fixed media for improvisation. Break- Out  is a piece for 2 pianos, electronics and whammy pedal, played by Sandra and Adam Tendler. Screaming Forest is a large piece for multiple videos, sculptures and sound. Goin’ Down is a video Installation consisting of 6 adult and 2 child people with video heads. The piece was an installation in Le Petit Versailles Garden in NYC. As a pianist she is playing in a variety of improvisational ensembles as well as playing traditionally notated contemporary music. Recent programs have included: Morton Feldman’s Two Pieces for Two Pianos, Two Pianos, Vertical Thoughts I,  Brown’s Three Pieces for Solo Piano and Twenty-Five played by prerecorded tracks and 2 live performers, Noveletta by Sylvan Bussotti, Bach Prelude and Fugue in f# minor Book II and a minor Book I. Ixion by Morton Feldman, Skrzat (Zikade) by Uros Rojko. Recent improvisations with Briggan Krauss, Andrew Drury, Jonah Rosenberg, Bonnie Kane, Satoshi Takeshi, Dafna Naphtali, Cory Smythe, Leonid Galaganov, Angela Morris, Ben Stapp, Kenny Wollesen, Tony Scherr, Shoko Nagai, Chris Jones.


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