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I. Overview

A fixture of the New York City arts scene, The Firehouse Space has served artists and audiences in the greater metro area for over six years. As a performance space, the Firehouse is a destination for adventurous concert goers, in search of the latest in experimental chamber music and jazz, cutting edge concert works, multimedia presentations on the forefront of sound design, and boundary-pushing performance artists, all within a modern, convenient, intimate and professional atmosphere. The Firehouse is one of the few remaining New York City venues to offer an affordable, no-money-down, presenting environment for emerging, experimental and under-represented artists, both domestic and international, while providing low-cost exhibition space for special events and festivals in the early stages of organization. Its service to this community of artists as an incubator and accessible venue is a vital part of the cultural ecology of the New York City arts scene, fostering an environment for discovery, growth, shared ideas and dialogue between artists and audiences. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Firehouse produced more than 1,000 events in six seasons including concerts, festivals, gallery shows, film screenings, workshops, adult/youth classes, and summer camp, with a standard low cost and discounted ticket prices to encourage public access. Previous concert info can be found at


Firehouse Collective Concert Fund Raiser at the Dimenna Center

October 19th, 7:00 PM

Tickets are $20 at the door. Tickets and Donations here

FB Page


We are starting our fall/winter fund raiser to help with the renovation costs for our new building in Sunset Park.  We finally have our 501c3 Not for Profit status! Stay tunes for further events. 


Line up for the concert is:

Pauline Kim-Harris: Violin,  Adam Tendler: Piano  Dan Blake Trio, Dan Blake: Sax, Andrew Drury: Percussion and Ricardo Gallo: Keyboard Jeremiah Cymerman/Brian Chase Duo Jeremiah Cymerman: Clarinet, Brian Chase: Drums

Anne Lanzilotti: Viola Jonah Rosenberg: Composer: Piece for 2 Voices, Viola and Electronics  7 minutes Joshue Ott: Live Video Projections with Andrew Drury: Percussion and Sandra Sprecher: Piano James Ilgenfritz: Bass  and TBD

II. The Move


In 2017, The Firehouse temporarily closed its doors in North Brooklyn to focus on relocation and renovation. In 2018, a state-of-the-art performance space in Sunset Park will reopen as The Firehouse Collective, with expanded studio space, short-term artist residencies, performance stage, and state-of-the-art recording facilities. 

IV. The Renovation

Following contractor placement, the first actionable step will involve digging out the remainder of the basement to gain a full-length lot of useable area. Next will ensue the total renovation of all other floors. Design plans necessarily address the acoustic needs of a building with a performance space and multiple rehearsal spaces. The building will be sustainable, implementing solar panels and excellent insulation. The long-term goal of the renovation is to provide a modern center for music, arts, and education, operating with complete environmental sustainability.

III. The New Building


Situated within the building at 4812 3rd Avenue, The Firehouse Collective will become an arts center and cultural destination for artists and musicians from across the five boroughs. The new building will be dedicated primarily to music and multimedia, with expanded space and resources for rehearsal/work and performance. The new home will provide real opportunities for community and collectivity with additional areas to socialize and share ideas. The Collective will continue to support artists by providing rehearsal and performance space through a new program offering monthly memberships to performers at low cost. With expanded access comes opportunity for the Collective to provide live/work residencies to artists as well as space for after school, evening and summer classes, workshops and meetings. The Firehouse Collective will be a community arts home, providing support to underserved communities of artists, performers and young people.

a) Performance space

Performances will be regular events, comprising a music series, similar to the preexisting model (~2-3 events/week). Photos from the original venue at 246 Frost Street in East Williamsburg. In addition to a full stage and publicly accessible audience zone, the newly constructed performance area will include affordable rental studios. 


b) Rehearsal, live/work spaces 

Six enclosed studio spaces will serve as locations for rehearsals, individual work/practice, meetings, video/photo shoots, meetings, classes, workshops, etc. Already in the planning stages are summer classes for kids, sponsored by some of the Firehouse’s regular professional musicians. These six spaces will vary in size; three will be live/work, with the intent to sponsor a residency program for musicians and artists visiting NYC, offering them a place to stay, rehearse, and perform. 


c) Membership

Artists/musicians renting rehearsal spaces will have the option of membership to the performance space. A low cost per month membership will include nine hours of rehearsal time per week, a performance once every two months, and full access to the green roof and common area. Word travels fast in the arts community, and many musicians, artists and videographers have expressed interest in becoming members of the new Firehouse Collective arts building upon hearing of the new construction. Demand is strong for affordable work/rehearsal space. The Collective anticipates no fewer than thirty members will take part. 

V. The Request


The Firehouse Collective seeks construction costs of $1.75 million. We have all plans finished and all permits are in place. The General Contractor is ready to go. Donations can be accepted to Firehouse Collective, Inc. We are now a 501C3 not for profit organization.


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